The World Economic Forum recognized Serbia as a country of advanced technologies

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Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated that the World Economic Forum has chosen Serbia as one of the 16 countries in which it will open its center, which is a great recognition for the education system, economy and citizens of Serbia.

Brnabic pointed out for RTS from Geneva that it says a lot about where you have positioned yourself as a country, how much you have progressed and how much you are recognized as a country of advanced technologies, strong and safe.

“The World Economic Forum opened a center in Norway in Oslo, in Russia in Moscow only a month ago, and the third European country is Serbia,” Brnabic pointed out.

She confirmed that the Center will work within the government’s Office for Information Technology, because that is the right way to have the best infrastructure and to start working on March 1.

That way, she added, they will have the best communication with the government, the economy and the civil sector, so that they can work on biotechnology, biomedicine and artificial intelligence.

“In the first moment, the center will employ four people, I believe that the center will expand and we have a vision for further development,” said the Prime Minister.

She stated that the IT sector is growing by more than 25 percent from year to year and has exports of more than 1.8 billion euros, of which the surplus is 1.1 billion.

“Our next step is artificial intelligence and biotechnology, and I believe that the results will be better than anyone expects.” This will bring new investments and funds that will invest in our economy and innovation companies, and that contributes to us being more successful, “said Brnabić, Danas writes.