These are currently the most sought-after professions in Serbia

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Having a craft in your hands is a real treasure because painters, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, but also welders and welders in Serbia can earn up to 2,000 euros a month.

The list of the most sought-after occupations in recent years is getting longer, and it also includes drivers, caterers, cooks, waiters, car mechanics, hairdressers … Although the earnings are excellent, fewer and fewer people want to do some of these jobs, because yes In order to get that much money, they have to give up the weekend, but they also often work 12 hours a day, Novosti writes.

Dušan Vuković from the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia states that everyone who has a craft in their hands, today earns far more than the average. Thus, a good craftsman in any field cannot be hired on the market without 50 euros a day, while many earn much more.

– Today, you have to “schedule” a good master for a bigger job as a wedding, a few months in advance – says Vukovic and adds:

– It is all a consequence of the transition in which we did not educate staff for physically harder jobs, and those we had went to Europe in search of better earnings.

Vukovic emphasizes that many craftsmen do not want to work for the boss for a salary, so, for example, electricians open their own workshops. In that way, they work a lot, but they also earn nicely.

– Master’s per diems in Serbia are great, but they are even higher in European countries. For example, builders in Germany receive about 12 euros per hour, and everyone else can be said to earn at least twice as much as in Serbia. That is why it is no wonder that people are still leaving – says Vukovic.

Movements on the labor market are conditioned by the development of economic activities and activities, and people who possess specific knowledge and skills are wanted.

– The most common profiles needed by the economy are certainly conditioned by the development of certain sectoral activities – they say in the National Employment Service (NES).

– In the last few years, it has been noticed that craftsmen such as waxworkers, shoemakers, blacksmiths, glassmakers, watchmakers, bag makers, company writers, chimney sweeps, hatters, fashion designers, quilters are not registered in the records of our service …

The NES annually monitors trends in the labor market in terms of knowledge and skills, which are in demand or missing, or are forecast as necessary in the coming period, reports Kurir.

– In the last five years, no new crafts have been noticed, and most craftsmen find jobs in the profession relatively easily and quickly. Demand for locksmiths, reinforcement workers, masons, carpenters, construction plasterers has increased, and crafts such as construction potter, painter, concreter, upholsterer, ready-made tailor, tailor and confectioner, leather goods maker, leather upholsterer, shoemaker upholsterer baker, hairdresser for women – they explain in this service.