Two German companies are investing in Serbia

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The company Electric Works Vossloh Schwabe Serbia (EWVS), which has a factory in Svilajnac since 2010 and with about 500 employees is the pillar of the municipality’s economy, bought another hectare of land from the municipality to expand production, and representatives of this company confirmed on that occasion, they plan to move the entire production from Europe to Svilajnac.
EWVS is engaged in the production of energy efficient electrical components for lighting fixtures in Svilajnac and, according to local leaders, is the largest partner to the municipality due to numerous projects that are important for the local community.
After signing the contract on the sale of land, the mayor of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanovic said that the company EWVS is their biggest partner not only in size but also in the number of people it employs, as well as for cooperation on the project of introducing dual education in this municipality.
After signing the contract, EWVS director Dirck Bantel confirmed that the company’s plan is to move all production from Europe to Svilajnac, and that they are extremely satisfied with the work in the Svilajnac Free Zone and complete logistical support, the media report.
“We have had excellent cooperation with the municipality of Svilajnac for ten years and we notice how much this municipality has progressed,” Bantel said, adding that the business environment has changed, as evidenced by other foreign companies that have decided to invest in this municipality.
On the other hand, the owner of another German company “A 2000”, Thomas Miller, signed a joint report on the beginning of work with the director of the Free Zone of Svilajnac, Tijana Jovanovic.
The new plant of the company “A 2000” will produce modern electronic components and specific electrical devices for different needs of users, and the arrival of this German company for the municipality means new jobs, where students of Svilajnac High School will study electronics, immediately after graduation get a first chance to get a job.
“We have chosen Svilajnac to invest among 60 possible cities in Serbia. They have met our strict criteria and we will start hiring in July. It is important to us that Svilajnac educates staff for the needs of the economy, then there is order, infrastructure, commitment of the municipal leadership and the possibility of doing business in the Free Zone regime,” said Thomas Miller, owner of the company” A 2000 “, Bonitet reports.