What is the public debt of Serbia and what is the budget deficit in the first half of the year?

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Serbia’s public debt amounted to 31.3 billion euros at the end of June this year, which is 53.2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the Ministry of Finance announced today.

The share of public debt in Serbia’s GDP is significantly below the level of 60 percent, which is the limit stipulated by the Maastricht Agreement.

The public debt of Serbia last month, at the end of May, amounted to 30.7 billion euros, while its share in GDP was 52.3 percent.

Serbia ended 2021 with public debt in the amount of 30.13 billion euros, which was 56.5 percent of GDP.

Deficit 35.7 billion dinars

The deficit of the republic budget of Serbia in the first half of 2022 amounted to 35.7 billion dinars. Revenues were realized in the amount of 830.1 billion dinars, and expenditures were made in the amount of 865.7 billion dinars. According to the data of the ministry, in June a surplus was realized in the amount of 35.4 billion dinars.

In the said month, revenues of 175.1 billion dinars were collected, of which tax revenues amounted to 163.9 billion.The largest part of tax revenues refers to the payment of VAT in the amount of 61.6 billion dinars, profit tax in the amount of 48.2 billion dinars (obligations are paid based on the final calculation in June) and excise duty in the amount of 29.7 billion dinars. dinars. Non-tax revenues amounted to 9.8 billion dinars, and the inflow of donations amounted to 1.4 billion dinars.

Expenditures were made in the amount of 139.7 billion dinars, whereby expenditures for employees in June amounted to 29.7 billion, capital expenditures 44 billion, and transfers to PIO funds, RFZO, NES, and SOVO fund 13.8 billion dinars.

At the level of the general state, in the period January-June, a fiscal deficit of 15.6 billion dinars and a primary fiscal surplus in the amount of 58.5 billion dinars were realized, Euronews reports.