You cannot buy more than 6 items on sale

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One well-known retail chain has limited consumer purchases to six products from the range on sale these days, which has caused various comments on social networks.

In that megamarket, they point out that the purpose of this measure is to prevent possible abuses, such as buying large quantities for further sale.

– In this way, we enable as many of our consumers as possible to reach the desired product during the campaign – they say in this retail chain. – We strive to offer our customers the best promotions and plan to meet the needs of a large number of customers for the required items.

Tuna, chips and white cheese are on sale, and citizens can buy six products on sale during one purchase. This is not the first time this measure has been applied, but traders do not use it often. The National Consumers’ Organization of Serbia points out that citizens who shop for their own needs should not limit themselves, but should be aware of the problem of excessive buying for resale.

– Individuals buy large quantities of goods on sale, which they then resell to other shops or markets – they say in NOPS. – However, the restriction could be interpreted as unfair business practice. If someone buys as a consumer for personal needs, the quantity should not be limited. If he wants to buy, for example, nine or ten products for himself, he made such an economic decision based on the information that the item is at a discount. When he came to the market, he learned that he could not do that, and he spent time and money to get to the store.

If that measure is intended to prevent someone from selling goods for commercial purposes, then that, as they say, is understandable, although it is not the best solution.

Storage should be prevented

Some consumers understand the retail chain’s decision to limit the purchase of products on the stock.

– The price is favorable and storage should be prevented – one tweeter thinks. – Besides, more people will be able to buy a cheaper product.

On the other hand, some citizens express fear that this measure is related to the crisis and that it could soon be extended to numerous articles, Kamatica writes.