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A typical export company from Serbia is almost a hundred percent private company - Serbia Business

A typical export company from Serbia is almost a hundred percent private company

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Most likely, it operates in the northern part of the country. It is almost certain that it belongs to the farting industry. During 2021, companies from Serbia exported goods and services worth a total of 2,466 billion dinars. And that is the result of a total of 12,476 companies.

Among exporting firms, there are only 12 percent of those in which foreign capital is the majority. There are exactly 1,510 of them. Although they do not dominate in number, they lead in the value of exports. They accounted for more than 60 percent of Serbian exports.

The largest part of exports was achieved by privately owned companies, 2,393 billion dinars – the data are from the publication “Operations of companies in Serbia” by the Republic Institute of Statistics. 

That’s 97.1 percent. Companies with 50 percent or more of foreign capital achieved exports of 1,609 billion dinars or 65.3 percent. The export of other privately owned enterprises amounted to 783.8 billion dinars or 31.8 percent.

In 2021, only 72 state-owned enterprises sold their products outside the borders of Serbia. They make up only 0.6 percent of exporters. And their performance is better than the number – they achieved exports of 70.7 billion dinars or 2.9 percent.

Observed by activities, the largest export, worth 1,890 billion dinars or 76.6 percent, is the result of the processing industry. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles achieved 13.5 percent, which is 332.3 billion dinars. Mining participates with 5.7 percent.


The list of exporters also includes companies operating in the field of education. A total of 11 of them export their services and knowledge. Most of them are locally owned and privately owned. One is with majority foreign capital, and one is state-owned.


Mining has 41 exporters. A quarter, or ten of them, is majority owned by foreigners. The majority are private domestic companies – 30. One state-owned company is also an exporter in this branch. By the way, the largest Serbian exporters also operate in mining.

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