Accountants: We expect a reasonable and professional analysis of our requests from the ministry

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Accountants are asking for an urgent postponement of the implementation of the Law on Fiscalization, they say that there is not enough time to adjust to the new deadlines and changes. After the meeting in the Ministry of Finance, which was also attended by the representatives of the Tax Administration, the Accounting Chamber and the Association of the Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, they said that they would respond to the objections by the end of the week. Snezana Mitrovic, president of the Association of Accounting Chambers, told Infobiz that she expects a reasonable and professional analysis of the requests, including changes to several important legal regulations.

“Financial reports are submitted for the first time only once a year. In previous years, the statistical report was submitted until February 28, and the regular financial report with a deadline of June 30. This year, the new provisions of the Law on Accounting are being applied, and all reports will be submitted by the end of March, “says Snezana Mitrovic.

He adds that those three months are a period when accountants have an extremely large amount of work – to reconcile censuses, to record differences according to the census, to pay VAT on non-tax deductible expenses, to balance all balances, and to keep the current year. obligations for legal representatives, in the sense of submitting a tax return for this year.

“E-fiscalization is a reform, we support all reforms, but we must keep in mind that it is important that it is implemented in the right way. The meeting also asked for the postponement of the law on electronic invoicing, we asked for the e-invoice system to be moved to the Tax Administration, so we received an explanation that the data contained in the E-government is secure, although it was formed on the basis of the government office. The objection is that it is not the same deadline for taking over the e-invoice, which is 15 days as prescribed by the Law on Accounting, when the invoice must be registered – it is shortened, so the deadlines do not agree, “Mitrovic points out.

As he points out, the accountants demanded that the Law on Accounting and the Law on Electronic Invoicing be harmonized.

“Because, what will the form of an e-invoice do for us if it does not satisfy the essence – that it is an accounting document according to the rules for posting, which enables proper keeping of business books,” states the interlocutor of Infobiz.

Accountants, as he points out, have a total of nine requests, including the return of the revoked right to a tax credit based on investment in fixed assets for certain activities, as well as to prevent accounting services provided by a person punished for acts against the economy and property .