Last year, a total of 9,635 new companies were established in Serbia

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Last year, a total of 9,635 new companies were founded, which is the largest number in the last five years, it was published on the website of the Business Registers Agency. At the same time, 7,046 companies were closed down, and out of that number, on the basis of forced liquidation under the Companies Act, 4,722 business entities were deleted.

The largest number of new companies was established in the activity “non-specialized wholesale trade”, but the largest number of closed ones is in that segment. New companies also entered the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, computer programming, consulting activities and road transport. Among those extinguished, in second place are companies from the sector of consulting activities, followed by restaurants and mobile catering facilities and road transport.

Last year, 34,378 people received the status of entrepreneurs, which is an average for the last five years, because most of them started a business in 2019 – 37,160. Last year, 22,934 entrepreneurs withdrew from the business.

The largest number of independents entered the activity of restaurants and mobile catering facilities, but the largest number of those who gave up doing business is also in that branch. Entrepreneurs were also interested in consulting services, road transport, hairdressing and beauty services as well as motor vehicle maintenance, and among those who closed stores, most of them were from the sector of food and beverage services, computer programming, hairdressing and beauty salons and taxis. transportation.

At the beginning of this year, the records of the Business Registers Agency included a total of 414,705 business entities, 14,059 more than in 2021. Of the total number of companies, 124,260 and 290,445 are entrepreneurs.


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