Around three billion euros of investments in various areas were brought to Serbia from private partners

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With the implementation of the Law on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions, about three billion euros of investments in various areas were brought to Serbia from private partners, it was said at the fourth conference dedicated to that financing model.
Ten years have passed since the adoption of the Law on Public and Private Partnerships and Concessions. Belgrade has a good experience in that, says Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, and currently has as many as ten contracts in that area.
“In the beginning, we had to enter into such arrangements because we did not have the money for such large projects, so Vinca is the biggest such partnership after Aerdorum.
“In Nis, heating is in biomass schools, in Stara Pazova, sewerage network and road infrastructure, in Vrsac, public lighting, Novi Sad, pharmacy and garages, in many cities, urban and suburban passenger transport is in that partnership,” says Minister of Economy Andjelka Atanaskovic.
“Public-private partnership will become the most realistic option in the future, especially in local governments when it comes to large projects,” she added.
NALED Executive Director Violeta Jovanovic says that the examples of partnership on the Vinca landfill and the Nikola Tesla airport are proof that Serbia is able to attract serious investors.
Business partnerships are becoming increasingly important in the communal area of cities, but it is necessary to eliminate shortcomings such as e.g. asymmetry of knowledge between private and public partnership and refers to employees from local governments who need to design and present the project or the whole procedure in order to reach the signing of the contract, RTV reports.