Construction of the oil pipeline of Hungary and Serbia

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European Union countries that, as an exception, had the possibility to temporarily continue importing Russian oil cannot re-export it to other EU countries or to third countries, said the representative of the European Commission, Daniel Sheridan Ferry, commenting on the intention of Hungary and Serbia to build an oil pipeline that would Belgrade received oil from the “Družba” oil pipeline.

“I can remind you of the legal aspects of the agreed actions.” European Union countries, which (as an exception to sanctions) import Russian oil from oil pipelines or oil derivatives, cannot re-export them (to other EU countries or third countries), since it is necessary to guarantee an equal situation between member countries,” said representative of the European Commission at today’s press conference at the headquarters of the European Commission.

Earlier, Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zoltan Kovač announced that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban reached an agreement on the construction of an oil pipeline that will enable Serbia to receive Urals oil from the Druzba oil pipeline, Sputnik reports.

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