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“Continental” employed a thousand engineers

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1,000 of our engineers are now working in the Research and Development Center in Novi Sad of the German company “Continental Automotive”. That is how it became the leading engineering company in Serbia.

The most modern electronic solutions for the auto industry are now produced here. Products from our factory in Kać, where 600 engineers, technicians and highly trained operators currently work, are installed in premium class vehicles all over the world, and bear the “Made in Serbia” label – proudly says Saša Đoringa, director of “Continental” in our country.

With this, Serbia has become one of the countries whose experts dictate the development of the world auto industry. And when this powerful global company came to our country in 2017, there was resistance, and the promise to employ 500 engineers was deemed impossible. Six years later, complete solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and vehicles of the future are now being developed in Novi Sad. Here, our minds create instrument panels, radars, cameras, control units for remote monitoring of the vehicle’s position and parameters, systems based on vehicle access using smartphones or remote unlocking, mobile applications and advanced security functions, display solutions, control panels.

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Here we develop innovative technologies for your cars, and countries that sell intelligence have a bright future. And that is now being done in Serbia. In the future, there will no longer be a need for everyone to have their own vehicle – predicts this top expert.

There will be fewer cars, you will order them to transport you somewhere, and those vehicles will be very expensive and complex. That’s why we found the best experts in Serbia – says Đoringa.

Research and development center “Continental” now, due to the increasing number of employed software, system test, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers, works at three locations in Novi Sad. In three years, the number of workers has doubled.

In addition to development, “Continental” continues to invest in production. As they call it here, another 150 million euros will be invested in the megafactory in nearby Kać, which opened in February, and when expanded, the facility will have 55,000 square meters. In this factory, serial production of top technology has already begun, and the plan is to produce more than one million screen solutions here in 2024 and export and deliver them to car manufacturers around the world.

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The goal of this company is to become the largest exporter from Serbia.

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