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Despite the pandemic, sales of new cars in Serbia are growing - Serbia Business

Despite the pandemic, sales of new cars in Serbia are growing

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In Serbia, 30,416 new cars were sold in 2021, which is 16 percent more than in 2020. The results would have been better if, in addition to the pandemic, there were no problems with the shortage of vehicles on the market. When it comes to the most popular cars, last year the most sought after were Fiat and Škoda.
In the past year, about 1,200 Mercedes were sold, about 600 Audi cars and 250 Land Rovers, while about 800 buyers opted for BMW. Which means that premium cars, regardless of Covid-19 and the crisis in business, are in demand, writes RTS.
“The offer on the market is definitely derivatives of passenger vehicles with homologation of commercial vehicles, and this year we presented the 500L in a crossover version, which was sold in 300 copies in almost six months,” says Igor Ševo from the FCA.
After a two-year break, this year importers plan to hold the Car Fair in Belgrade from May 12 to 15. The topic of this year’s Car Fair will be the presentation of environmental vehicles, in order to present to the public the brands that produce electric vehicles and hybrids, but also to inform future customers about all the possibilities offered by new trends in the automotive industry. The most sought after new middle class model was the Octavia.
When it comes to purely electric cars, about fifty of them were registered in Serbia last year. Most were bought by large companies dealing with environmental issues or served as test vehicles in companies selling such cars, Biznis reports.