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Experts believe that it is logical for Serbia to think about building a nuclear power plant - Serbia Business

Experts believe that it is logical for Serbia to think about building a nuclear power plant

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Minister without portfolio in charge of innovation and technological development, Nenad Popovic, said it was logical for the government to consider building a nuclear power plant.
“Our national and state interest is for Serbia to continue to develop, and energy is the driver of development. According to experts, the demand for electricity will increase by 50 percent in the next 15 years. Especially in countries that are developing dynamically, such as Serbia. If we want to have economic growth, but also independence and sovereignty in decision-making, we must have stable energy sources, and a nuclear power plant can be one of them,” Popovic said.
He pointed out that the energy crisis, which is shaking Europe, has shown that we must look for new energy sources that are stable, reliable and with a predictable price.
Popovic agreed with the Russian state corporation “Rosatom” on the construction of a joint Center for Nuclear Science, Technology and Innovation, which should start at the end of the year in Serbia, and as he says, the exact location will be known in three months.
This is the first time that Rosatom has agreed to work with someone abroad according to this model. This gesture is proof of the highest degree of mutual trust and the best bilateral relations between Serbia and Russia. Knowledge and technology for the production of the Russian vaccine, is still helping us to renew our sovereignty in the development of nuclear capacities, in which we used to be among the leaders in Europe,” says Popović.
He emphasizes that the new center will not endanger the Vinca Institute, but on the contrary, that it will have its place in that program and that it will continue to develop, Politika reports.