Instead of capital projects, Serbia redirected 1.6 million euros to associations in Montenegro

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The Government of Serbia has made a decision to transfer 1.63 million euros intended for the expropriation of land for the purpose of building capital projects to the budget reserve and further distribute the money for financial assistance to companies and associations in Montenegro.
As published in the latest Official Gazette, the money is allocated to Montenegrin organizations for the implementation of projects and work support.
We remind you that several incidents have been recorded in Montenegro in recent days. Several people were arrested when the police clashed with SOC believers who were protesting, demanding the release of Bishop Joanikije and eight priests.
Montenegrin police announced that the Serbian Orthodox Church is the organizer of the gathering, despite the measures of prohibition due to the fight against the corona virus.
Bishops Joanikije and priests are not charged with the criminal offense of failing to comply with health regulations to combat a dangerous infectious disease, Nova Ekonomija report.

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