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Serbian eCommerce sector flourishes: Over 58 million cashless transactions recorded in 2023

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Ivan Tanasković, the director of the eCommerce Association of Serbia, revealed that the e-commerce sector witnessed a remarkable surge in 2023, with cashless transactions exceeding 58 million and generating revenue surpassing 1.6 billion euros. Tanasković shared these insights during the inaugural workshop of the “Our Network” caravan organized by A1. He emphasized the robust growth of the online market, boasting over 4,000 active stores and a notable 26 percent annual increase.

Tanasković also highlighted a positive trend: a significant decrease in consumer resistance to online shopping, with a 12 percent drop observed over the past two years. This decline underscores the burgeoning potential and dynamism of the digital economy in Serbia.

However, financial consultant Nikola Pejović cautioned entrepreneurs to remain vigilant amid rapid expansion. While entrepreneurs benefit from their adaptability and confidence in their ventures, Pejović pointed out a potential pitfall: a lack of awareness regarding the pace of business growth and associated costs. Many entrepreneurs rely on intuition rather than precise financial data, which can lead to unforeseen challenges.

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Pejović stressed the importance of understanding finances and offered support through educational resources available on the “Our Network” platform ( He emphasized the platform’s commitment to providing guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs facing financial dilemmas.

Ivan Minić, the editor-in-chief of “Naše mreža,” highlighted the platform’s mission to unite local entrepreneurs through workshops, addressing crucial topics, and fostering networking opportunities.

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