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In January and February 2024, Serbia’s total exports surge by 22%, reaching €609 million

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The export figures for January and February 2024 demonstrate a remarkable growth trajectory, soaring by 22% compared to the corresponding period last year, with the total export volume hitting €609 million.

Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanović, highlighted this significant milestone, drawing a compelling comparison: “To put it into perspective, the combined export value of ICT services for the entire year of 2015 amounted to €611 million, a figure parallel to what we’ve achieved in just two months this year,” he shared on the X social network platform.

The ICT sector emerges as a beacon of economic advancement for Serbia, showcasing robust growth and generating substantial trade surpluses in service exports. Impressively, the surplus for the initial two months of 2024 stands at €494 million, marking a notable 20% surge compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

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“We remain steadfast in our commitment to bolstering our economy, nurturing local talent and expertise, and fostering the continued expansion of the ICT sector,” Minister Jovanović affirmed, underscoring the government’s dedication to sustained economic progress.

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