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Serbia, Green energy and investing in it is an increasingly popular thing

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This trend is slowly spilling over to Serbia, and many domestic successful businessmen believe that green energy is a good opportunity for investment. 

However, according to our interlocutors, this option can only be paid to businessmen who would eventually install solar panels on the roofs of their companies, while the situation with ordinary citizens is significantly different.

Some of the most prominent domestic businessmen – president of ITM system Toplica Spasojević, owner of Point group Zoran Drakulić and owner of Metalac group Dragoljub Vukadinović recently told that investing in green energy, especially solar panels, is a good investment choice. 

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However, according to energy experts, this investment is profitable for a narrow circle of people, namely businessmen.

Energy expert Velimir Gavrilović states that it is important, first of all, to take into account the fact that electricity prices for citizens and households are not the same.

“Considering that electricity is more expensive for the economy, it is more profitable for businessmen to invest in solar panels than for citizens. 

The current price of electricity for the economy, with all additional levies and without VAT, is around 130 euros per megawatt-hour, while for households it is around 35 euros per megawatt-hour,” explains Gavrilović.

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According to him, the average household needs several thousand euros to install solar panels, and the investment is recouped after nine to ten years.

Businessmen, on the other hand, get that investment back much faster.

“These are good investments, but before any investment it is necessary to make a specific calculation and assess the profitability”, concludes Gavrilović and reminds that the state did start encouraging the installation of solar panels, but that it was more an act of popularizing green energy.

Energy expert Miloš Zdravković believes that solar panels are not the best option for citizens who want to invest, who says that they “cost a lot, plus they are unprofitable.”

“As with any other investment, the payback period is the most important, and here that period is too long.” If we add to that the fact that many would have to take out a loan for this, it is clear that it is not worth it, at least not for those who are small consumers”, says Zdravković.

However, he states that there is another way and a better investment that will save money in the citizens’ pockets, and that is investing in energy efficiency.

“Better facades, replacement of carpentry, installation of a heat pump, all of this can significantly save money for citizens, and it costs less than solar panels,” concludes Zdravković.

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