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Serbia has a good reputation as a location for investments

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The German ambassador to Serbia, Anke Konrad, said today that Serbia has a good reputation as a location for investments and that the conditions for investing in our country are good.

She announced that at the moment there are more than 80,000 employees in German companies in Serbia and that they are still interested, both new ones and those already operating, to expand their capacities. “I don’t know if we will soon have 100,000 employees, or a few thousand more or less, but the interest certainly exists,” emphasized Konrad.

She added that the business environment, legal certainty, as well as fair conditions in public tenders are important, noting that the German economy is not afraid of competition.

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Konrad said that a positive trend has been observed in terms of infrastructure development, as well as progress in the introduction of new standards related to working conditions and environmental standards, and that all of this together is a great engine for Serbia on its way to the EU.

She stated that since 2000, Germany allocated around 2.5 billion euros of development aid in various areas, employment, climate, energy and cooperated with many partners, cities and municipalities, government and civil society on projects in Serbia.

“These partnerships are also the greatest achievements of the development cooperation between Serbia and Germany,” the ambassador emphasized. She singled out Kragujevac, where this year marks more than 20 years of development cooperation with Germany. As the biggest ongoing projects in Serbia, she singled out the bilateral climate partnership, which started two years ago.

According to her, the goal is to create a regional climate partnership at the next summit within the Berlin process, where all the countries of the Western Balkans cooperate with the EU.

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“We want to support Serbia and the entire Western Balkans to achieve greater independence in terms of energy and to switch to renewable energy sources and a green economy. This is a key task to which we are committed,” Konrad concluded.

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