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Serbia, In 2022, 2.88 million people were employed

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According to the labor force survey, in the fourth quarter of 2022, 2,888,700 people were employed in Serbia, 291,100 were unemployed, the employment rate was 50.1 percent, and the unemployment rate was 9.2 percent, the Republic Institute of Statistics announced.

Compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, the unemployment rate was lower by 0.6 percentage points, while the employment rate increased slightly, by 0.1 percentage points.

On a year-on-year basis, the number of employees fell by 28,700 and the number of unemployed by 25,600. Territorially, at the interannual level, employment growth was recorded only in the Belgrade region, 12,600, and the largest decrease in employment was recorded in Vojvodina, 28,100.

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In the fourth quarter of 2022, the long-term unemployment rate was 3.9 percent, which represents a decrease of 0.6 percentage points compared to the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the youth population, aged 15‒24, the number of unemployed decreased by 12,500, but the total youth population also decreased by almost 9,000.

Compared to the third quarter, in the fourth quarter employment decreased by 53,400 and unemployment increased by 2,200.

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