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Serbia, Merkle opens an office in Novi Sad

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The international software company Merkle, which employs around 200 IT experts in Serbia, has decided to expand its business on the domestic market and starting this year, in addition to Belgrade, it will have its own office in Novi Sad, which will be located in the Startit office building.

Out of 2,500 IT companies in Serbia, around 400 operate in the Vojvodina capital, with 10,000 employees.

The Merkle company believes that by decentralizing the work space, the chances for quality work engagement of citizens throughout Serbia are directly increased.

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“Novi Sad, as the second largest city in Serbia, is full of talents from various areas of the IT industry. By opening the office in Novi Sad, we have created conditions for all interested talents, where team spirit and time with colleagues in the office is important. For now, there will be fifteen employees in the new office, but of course we want to expand even more. Novsadski Startit is also an ideal place to start, because here we are among our own – developers, designers, e-commerce experts and other people from the same and related industries”, says Ivan Isailović, executive director of the Merkle company in Serbia. He adds that the past year was very successful for Merkel in Serbia, as the number increased from 130 to almost 200 people.

Isailović notes that this is an opportunity for continued growth of the IT sector in the Vojvodina capital.

Merkle plans to hire a large number of experts from various areas of the IT industry in Serbia, such as Media Implementation Specialist, IT Program Manager, Python Developer, QA Automation Engineer and others. As far as remote positions are concerned, our future employees can choose their place of work, but I believe that the people of Novi Sad will enjoy working from the office in the Startit Center”.

Isailović states that the company’s business strategy requires senior engineers with experience in CX platforms (Sitecore, Adobe, SAP, Magnoila, and others). In addition, he adds that the development of the Salesforce and Drupal teams, as well as the configuration and analytics sector, is planned.

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Merkle, one of the world’s leading digital agencies, provides data-driven customer experience software solutions. It has been present in Serbia since 2021 and is part of the multinational Dentsu International group, which employs more than 66,000 people in 146 countries around the world.

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