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Serbian calcite Belkalhan opening supply channels toward Europe industrial users for delivery contracts 2024/2025

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Serbian based Mining development and exploitation company Belkalhan, the owner of biggest confirmed reserves of calcite/calcium carbonate announces client invitation for supply contracts for year 2024,2025.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry in Europe could benefit from this new supply source, making it reliable source in Europe. The scope of application of calcite is so wide making it almost essential resource in processing industry.

With its highest confirmed unique purity, quality and various industry application, Belkalhan calcite materials reserves could become Europe prime supply location for industrial application. Each industrial user of calcium carbonate have its specific materials requirements and Belkalhan is ready for its client technology application but also processing & delivery adjustments im accordance with client needs.

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Intersected Deposits of Calcite as calcium carbonate resource has 99,99% purity and 98% whitenesses in the deposit line of 15m thickness and 125m height, the length of 720m of confirmed deposit which indicates extremely rare deposit quantity and quality which makes it a unique world resource.

Calcium Carbonate is used in several applications in the industrial, concrete, and oil markets. Highly purified forms of calcium carbonate are also used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical markets. In the oil drilling industry, calcium carbonate is sometimes added to drilling muds and completion fluids to increase the density of the fluids. In industrial, concrete, and building applications, calcium carbonate is used as a chemical building block for the preparation of building materials.

The purified calcium carbonate powder that Belkalhan supplies for pharmaceutical applications is used in the preparation of various medicines and tablets such as antacids. It is also used as an acid neutralizing agent in certain food and beverage preparations that require a balanced pH level.

Belkalhan supplies calcium carbonate as a fine white powder or granulation for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Belkalhan offers different grades of calcium carbonate – technical grade calcium carbonate is used as a chemical building block, as a base, and as a source of both calcium and carbonate anion. We also can supply pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate which is used in certain medical preparations such as nutritional calcium supplements and antacid tablets.

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