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The company Japan Tobacco International is expanding cooperation with Serbian producers

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The company Japan Tobacco International (JTI), the largest producer and the only foreign company that buys tobacco from producers in Serbia, contracted the production of tobacco with more than 300 growers. In addition to Virginia type tobacco, from this year, JTI is again contracting Burley type tobacco.

The goal is to achieve the best possible quality and yield of tobacco in cooperation with long-standing and new growers, says Željko Ananić, manager of production and processing of raw tobacco at the JTI company.

Continuous support during tobacco cultivation

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This is being worked on continuously and through strong cooperation with growers. Cooperation means support in all stages of cultivation, from advice on agrotechnical measures, procurement of necessary materials to provision of cash advances without interest. Growers are provided with support for the purchase of dryers, as well as equipment for the production of watering systems, for a period of 3 to 7 years, also without interest.

In the JTI company, they emphasize that taking care of tobacco farmers is one of the priorities. With the aim of cultivating tobacco in an economically sustainable way, the company, as a real partner in the business, monitors all production costs during the year, and before the purchase itself revises the purchase prices and, if necessary, increases them.

Last year the supplement was paid to co-operators

Thus, in 2022, the purchase price of tobacco was constantly increased due to changes in the prices of raw materials, energy for drying tobacco, as well as an increase in the price of labor. Last year was full of challenges considering that the summer was very dry and the early fall very rainy, which affected the quality and yield of tobacco.

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However, with the application of appropriate measures under the watchful eye of experts from the JTI company, the maximum was extracted, and the company decided to additionally help its subcontractors and pay an allowance in the amount of 21 dinars for each delivered kilogram of tobacco, regardless of quality.

Last year, JTI contracted production with slightly less than 300 producers in the territory of Srem, Mačva and South Banat and had an average yield of about 1,800 kilograms per hectare on slightly more than 1,900 contracted hectares and purchased more than 3,400 tons of tobacco. In addition to the economic viability of tobacco production, JTI also takes care of environmental protection.

Trainings for subcontractors are regularly organized on the topic of a safe working environment, the use of more environmentally friendly plant protection products, as well as the collection and proper disposal of packaging waste from pesticides.


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