Why the price of building the subway in Belgrade increased from 2.2 to six billion euros?

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Today, the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) asked the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, why the price of building the subway in the capital of Serbia was increased from 2.2 billion to six billion euros. In a statement, the SAA asked Vesic why public procurements for the construction of the subway will not be conducted and “how much and from who else”, Serbia will borrow for the realization of that project.

“Instead of riding the first line of the metro these days, in the construction of which Serbian companies participated, the citizens of Belgrade are endangered by drinking water because of your meaningless route which will cost them at least six billion euros,” said the president of the Belgrade SAA board, Mila Popovic.

She stated that it was “another completely failed and too expensive project of the government” which, in her words, “promises to build the subway again just before the Belgrade elections”.

“We remember that before the last Belgrade elections in 2018, they sold subway tickets. Is this another in a series of false pre-election promises,” the SAA official asked.

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic stated earlier today that the construction of the subway in Belgrade will begin in November, stating that the first line will be completed in 2028, and the second in 2030.

“Currently, a risk cadastre is being prepared, ie all buildings on the metro route are being surveyed in order to determine the condition, especially around the stations themselves. The metro will be up to 47 meters deep on some sections, and for example, on Dorcol 19,” Vesic said, Prva reports.