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Builders in Serbia are facing difficulties due to disturbances in the construction material market

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Builders in Serbia are facing difficulties due to disturbances in the construction material market, but the execution of construction projects has not stopped and everything is working properly, the secretary of the Association of Construction Industry of PKS Ivana Vuletić told Tanjug today.

“Carrying out projects in Serbia this year has not stopped, everything is working properly.

Do builders face difficulties due to disturbances in the construction materials market – yes. “We intend to talk together with the economy and the representatives of the Ministry of Construction in order to reach a solution acceptable to both the state and the contractors in joint talks,” she said.

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She added that the prices of construction materials are now jumping due to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, and reminded that the first jump was noticeable last year in April due to the increase in the price of steel on world stock exchanges.

At that time, the measures of the state were in force to help the economy in the pandemic, which somewhat alleviated the disturbance due to the jump in prices. This new crisis in Ukraine continued, which caused additional disturbances, she said.

“We do not know when the crisis will end, nor how far it will go. The hope of all of us is that the war will end as soon as possible, and thus calm the world market. “Prices on the world market directly affect prices in Serbia,” she explained.

Vuletic said that the share of construction in the growth of Serbia’s GDP is large, and crucial for the country’s development, because construction is in direct connection with many economic branches, so it has an impact on other parts of the industry.

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“Currently, there are over 15,000 companies in Serbian construction, more than 150,000 employees, and from these data, the importance of construction for the state is clear,” she said.

She added that many of our builders are abroad, and foreigners in Serbia, and that this is the result of global trends that show that we are on the world map in this industry, in terms of performing works.

“For investors, Serbia is interesting in itself as an investment destination for the economy, and that generates construction works on facilities for industry,” she said.

She added that Russia is no longer the main destination for Serbian builders, but that it is now Germany.

“There are more and more of our workers in Germany, because they are of better quality and do their job correctly.

“Russia is more interesting to designers, who can also design digitally from here, and the only problem they may have at the moment are payments,” she said.

The construction fair that opened today is an opportunity for companies to show what they are doing and what they are planning, that is, to exchange experiences.

Danijela Antić from the family company “Antić Kosta” from Stalac, which is engaged in the production of metal accessories for construction and has been in business since 1959, says that they currently export to 15 countries.

Their markets are the countries of the former Yugoslavia and some European destinations.

“We are trying to maintain the growth we have had so far in these difficult times, and it was between 20 and 30 percent a year. This year has gone a little worse. It is very difficult as far as the metal processing industry is concerned, primarily for the procurement of raw materials. We manage like the others “, says the representative of the company that employs 90 people.

Milosava Vujović is from the Kruševac company “Konstrukcije”, which deals with the production and assembly of steel structures.

“We are working all over Serbia, as well as some projects for Switzerland and Montenegro. We are currently working on a project in Surdulica “, says the representative of the company that employs 70 workers.

They employ people of different ages, and Vujović estimates that in 2022, work will be successful.

“A lot is being done. The projects are here. The timeliness of the company must be respected and every client. “Prices are a little higher now, but I think it will return to normal as far as iron and panels we import from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania are concerned,” she said.

She added that the plans are to progress and get as far as possible in the business.

“Generally, let’s expand production a little outside of Serbia,” she says.

He says that it is a little harder to collect the receivables, but they manage.

“It simply came to our notice then. We strive to produce and realize. It is important that workers’ salaries do not suffer. That the worker is satisfied is the most important thing. When they are satisfied, we are even more satisfied “, she concludes, Politika writes.

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