Construction of the interconnection with Bulgaria will enable Serbia to buy gas from several suppliers

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With the construction of the Balkan Stream, Serbia was given the opportunity to supply gas from another direction, but it still has one supplier – Gazprom.

This was stated by the special advisor to the Minister of Mining and Energy, Petar Stanojevic, and he stated that the construction of the interconnection with Bulgaria will enable new directions and the inclusion of other suppliers.

Stanojevic specified for TV Vesti that the new gas pipeline will have a capacity of 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas, which is about 80 percent of today’s market in Serbia.

He stated that the new gas pipeline will be able to use gas from Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq, and in the future also from the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt and Israel, and that it should be connected to the terminal in Alexandroupolis.

He pointed out that the new gas pipeline will contribute to greater security of supply.

Stanojevic said that the unstable political situation between NATO and Russia around Ukraine affects the growth of the price of oil and oil derivatives worldwide because there is a threat of supply interruption between Russia and Europe, but also other factors such as breakdowns of transport ships and oil pipelines and snowstorms.

“This situation affects Serbia because we cannot avoid an increase in the price of oil on the world market, considering that we import 85% of the oil we consume, but I do not expect problems with the supply of oil and oil derivatives,” Stanojevic said, 021 writes.