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Entrepreneurs are most delayed in repaying loans

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The Association of Serbian Banks (UBS) has published the latest report from the Credit Bureau on the state of debt for businesses and the population at the end of November, amounting to EUR 29 million.

Regarding delays in repaying all loans, the debt ratio was 2.8% at the end of November, the same as at the end of October. The highest delays are among entrepreneurs at 6.1%, companies with a 3% delay in repayment at the end of November, and citizens with a 2.4% delay.

The total debt, according to UBS data, is slightly lower than the previous one at the end of October, which amounted to about EUR 29 million. The largest amount of debt to banks on November 30th was held by legal entities, about EUR 15 million, followed by citizens with around EUR 12 million, while the value of loans to entrepreneurs amounted to about EUR 588 million.

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