Government passed a decree on a temporary measure to limit the price of gas

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Today, the Government of Serbia adopted the Decree on the temporary measure of limiting the price of gas and compensating for the difference in the price of natural gas procured from imports or produced in the Republic of Serbia in case of disturbances on the natural gas market.

The aim of the Decree is to eliminate the consequences of the jump in the price of natural gas as a way to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis, in order to protect the economy and citizens who are instructed to use this energy source.

In order to ensure a normal supply of natural gas to all consumers, it is necessary to ensure the right to compensation for the difference in the price of imported natural gas and the price of imported natural gas used to calculate the resale price to suppliers, public suppliers and end customers. November 2021.

Also, it is necessary to provide the right to compensation for the difference in the current price of natural gas produced in the Republic of Serbia, in relation to the same month in 2021.

At today’s session, the Decree on Energy Management System Bonds – SEM was adopted, which expanded the scope of the Energy Management System Taxpayers.

This decree specifies the criteria on the basis of which SEM taxpayers are determined, namely local self-government units and city municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, other bodies and organizations of the Republic of Serbia, especially taking into account the area and type of facilities they use.

In the production sector, the limit value of primary energy consumption that defines the obligors of the energy management system has been lowered from 29.08 GWh to 25 GWh.

In the trade sector, the limit value for primary energy consumption has been lowered from 16.63 GWh to 7 GWh.

The annual energy saving targets for the Energy Management System Obligor for the current calendar year are the savings at each location of 1 percent of the primary energy consumed at that location in the previous calendar year per unit of product or equivalent product.

In the public sector, annual energy savings of around 6.9 GWh are expected, based on which a reduction in energy and energy costs in the budget of around 46.3 million dinars is expected, Blic reports.