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Serbia, Who earns the most?

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Observed by sector, according to RZS data, employees in the IT sector, air transport and scientific workers earn the most.

RZS data show that the highest net earnings in the first quarter of this year were received by employees in the computer programming and consulting sector, which reached 255,439 dinars, in the field of air traffic (178,606 dinars), scientific research and development (174,434 dinars) and exploitation of crude oil and of natural gas (167,123 dinars).

In all other areas, salaries were between 46,393 dinars and 150,978 dinars.

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For example, in the activity of preparing and serving food and drinks, the salary was 46,393 dinars, in management activities it was 150,978 dinars.

According to the comparison of earnings by sector, it is noticeable that the highest real growth in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2022 was achieved in the sectors of wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles (1.3 percent), manufacturing industry (0, 8 percent) and professional, scientific, innovative and technical activities (0.7 percent).

Observed by region, the highest average salary (without taxes and contributions) at the end of March 2023 was calculated in the Belgrade region and amounted to 105,304 dinars. In the region of Vojvodina, the salary was 79,113 dinars, in the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia 71,461 dinars, while in the region of Šumadija and Western Serbia it was 69,240 dinars, according to data from the RZS.

Let us recall that, according to the data of the Republic Institute of Statistics, the average salary in Novi Sad is 97,750 dinars net, and it still represents a convincing record in the territory of Vojvodina.

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Compared to the previous month, it decreased by about 5,000 dinars, the latest available data. When it comes to Vojvodina, the lowest salaries are received by employees in Bač, where the average is 61,612 dinars without taxes and contributions.

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